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Pastoral Counselor

-A passionate guidance counselor with a heart for helping the broken walk through their

trauma into a transforming new beginning. 

-Summit Bible College Graduate:

Master of Theology  in Christian Counseling

-Credentialed Life & Recovery Coach

-CSEC trained by Million

-CSAM trained by Million

-Stewards of Children trained by

-Treasures trained for sexual exploitation Outreach and Care

-ACES trained by The Acadami

-Trauma Care trained by The Acadami

-Current student of Dr. Minwalla's deceptive sexuality trauma treatment training 

Level 4 of the Minwalla Model (DST) & the 

Abusive Injured Relationship 



-A passionate and energetic speaker dedicated to proclaiming & teaching God's word

and ministering to the needs of the broken in our community with a heart for helping people struggling with addiction & mental illness.


-Summit Bible College Graduate:

Master of Theology in Pastoral Leadership

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Our Team

CWW Family of Dedicated Servants: 

Penny Whittington, Thomas Wroe

Tina Rimmer, Krystal Welch, 

Mike Arms, Dawn Arms,Carolyn Holt

Crossfire Band 

Pam & Her Bluegrass Band

CWW Worship Team:

Karnel Grimes: Drummer & Worship Coordinator 

Tonya Holt: Vocals

David Holt: Guitar / Vocals 

Churches & Organizations that provide our dinners each month:

Mark & Deanna San Diego w/ San Diego Consulting, Inc. from

Life Point Church

Crossroads Church

The Bridge Bible Church 

Dove Creek Bible Church

Cowboy Church 

Board Members:

Daniel Holt

Penny Whittington

David & Tonya Holt

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